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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
I have moved my location

Ok finally Jeff Julian got around setting my blog and now I have decided that I will be blogging from my new blog which is at Thanks to Jeff and see you all soon.

For my friends who are reading this in a browser, hold onto your breath, you are being moved to new location now. Bookmark my new feed to which is "Subscribe to My Feed
" See you there.

Posted at 09:40 am by Tejas Patel
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Monday, March 01, 2004
Tool of the day

The web tool of the day goes to this website and is a nice marketing tool. One can check his/her or his/her/their blog's popularity on major search engines and shows the ranking. Some other tools bundled are "Search Engine Saturation" and Keyword Verification. I quite liked it and can now find links to my blog that I cannot find it on Technorati.

And Mr. Robert Scoble linked me to this tool ( I know you don't want need to be shown the link to his blog now).

Posted at 09:10 am by Tejas Patel
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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Finally installed Microsoft Longhorn

Well I had to do this to get into Longhorn mode! I was hearning all these stories about Longhorn and all the new features and the services and almost half of the new Microsoft related blogs were Longhorn! So I finally started the installation, started on my Favourite VMware just to find out that it get's stuck when it starts detecting hardware devices on the computer, I waited for 2 hours and still stuck at the same screen, I thought something might be wrong with this, so I tired Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and found the same problem, so searched Microsoft Newsgroups just to find that this was common and 212 MB of RAM was less for Longhorn( Oooff), then I increased the RAM to 549 and after 4 hours of Hard work, it's finally installed but now it only works in 4 bit mode ( now I have to find a fix for this too), it is terribly slow !!

On the outer part it looks very much similar to XP with few tweaks. Oh and I forgot, I also had a hard time giving Virtual PC 2004 Alt+Ctrl+Del command ( I did Right Alt+ Del), it just was'nt working for me. Will do my more research sometime later and check out the new features and new services in Longhorn. Till then Namaskar :)

Posted at 07:59 pm by Tejas Patel
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Saturday, February 28, 2004
Well this is Funny Olympics 2004

I enjoyed watching this version of Olympics and had to share with my friends.Enjoy

Posted at 10:31 pm by Tejas Patel
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Anand links me to few more tools

Well this is related to my old articles, people have linked me to few other interesting online tools to use:-

Anand has linked me to Soople a search engine which gives us more features for searching through Google and also Mailinator which is also a tool to keep our inboxes away from Spam.


Posted at 02:04 pm by Tejas Patel
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Friday, February 27, 2004
Have you missed Microsoft PDC 2003 sessions?

Well I hate to miss events such as Microsoft PDC 2003, but I cannot afford it and I don't think everything in the session is meant for me . But the technology is there to spread the word of the new technology. I just got the link to PDC 2003 Sessions at . I think they are more or less all the sessions that were on PDC and it will be great if someone who went to PDC 2003 can confirm this. You can see the presentations online or can download all the presentations. Well I will go back and start browsing the site now. Enjoy the weekend reading these slides.

Posted at 08:14 pm by Tejas Patel
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Just create my First WinPE Microsoft Windows 2003 bootable CD

After being fascinated by Knoppix and it's capabilities I wanted to try something similar on Microsoft products too (after all I cannot see Microsoft products lacking behind ) and I started to have a look around. I found Bart's PE Builder and started my study on it. Pretty easy to deal with , the plugin support really helps and you can add your own plugins which I liked the most. One can have network support, access the network, virus scan, fix problems and other important features which can be found from their website. The application is pretty small and creates a ISO file which can be burned on a CD or DVD and then one can boot up the system with it and start using it. This CD/DVD can be quite useful as rescue disk and now there is no need for DOS boot disks. Support Win. XP and Windows 2003 for creating PE.

Having said all this, I now have the concerns about Security of Network? Now will I have to lock CD/DVD ROM in my office for security purpose ?

Posted at 02:24 pm by Tejas Patel
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Color Wheel

This Color Wheel shows 4096 colors along with it's color code, tells us which are safe, unsafe and web-smart colors. Pretty handy for web developers and web designers. Thanks to Sean for linking me in.

Posted at 02:02 pm by Tejas Patel
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Thursday, February 26, 2004
Create Disposable Email

Disposable glass, disposable lenses, disposable dippers and now disposable Email addresses. This is good I think, email addresses for a short time use only and of course using this one does not have to deal with the junk mail. This disposable email address letís your email message to be diverted onto your real email address for the period that you might have specified. I really like this.

My main concerns are what do they do with our real email addresses? Could not find much information on their website.

Posted at 01:03 pm by Tejas Patel
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Get a personal email certificate

Although I don't get any commission from Thawte, I thought some people might not be aware that this facility is avaialable and that too for FREE , has anybody's heard of other providers giving email certificates for free? let me know. You can get it at Thawte's website

Posted at 02:14 pm by Tejas Patel
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