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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Here comes Virus Throttler

Tomalak  linked me to a article by Kim Peterson. Kim writes about the new services that HP is going to announce in the coming RSA conference. HP has come up with two services called Virus Throttler and Active Countermeasures. The way I understood the services will help reduce the impact of viruses, trojans and works once they hit a network. Am looking forward to hear something more about these services soon.

Posted at 01:17 pm by Tejas Patel
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Another Search Engine "Meceoo - with or without filters"

Just came across this search engine which gives us to create inclusions and exclusions list and then search on that or just search normally. If the search engine is pretty good, than this facility can help a lot. I know we can get some of these functionality on Google too if you know how to put the long search string.

BTW: you type "Tejas Patel" and my blog is the first. Now this is a kind of obsession I think...

Posted at 12:38 pm by Tejas Patel
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Monday, February 23, 2004
Just got a mail from Blogdrive support group

I dropped a blogdrive support Ticket before an hour or so hoping that blogdrive can come up with the permalink feature and I just got a reply saying that Blogdrive will be providing that feature along with some other features (can't wait to see it now) in few weeks time. Kewl , Thanks for all the people working on Blogdrive .

Posted at 09:12 pm by Tejas Patel
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Are u an Information addict? If yes, than why?

Addictions, the meaning of which is "The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something" in Webster's dictionary. Just yesterday I read somewhere that Anil Dash has the addiction of blog, my friends have an addiction of drinking tea daily (otherwise they get headache as per them). I don't think any addiction can be too good if not completely bad. The latest addiction that I can see catching on is the addiction to information.

I was an information addict (and am still an information addict to a degree). Information addicts are everywhere on the Internet and now more bloggers are becoming information addicts. I am seeing that people has started a weird competition on who reads more blogs and keeps themselves up to date with the information flow moving around the Internet irrespective of whether the things they read is relevant to what they are doing or not? They think that they are gathering knowledge, but that information from all the blogs they read is never gets to the point where it can be considered as information to that person. Than at this stage people complain that they have 'information overload' what else can you expect!!

People spend hours and days surfing the forums, blogs and websites, reading all the possible content and what do they gain at the end of the day? What have they achieved? Where do they apply all those information? In my humble view collecting information or aggregating information is good if you know that you can utilise that information somewhere in some form, if that information can be used to increase the productivity, if that information gathering helps the individual to elevate himself in his career but not worth the time and effort otherwise.

Everybody perceives information in a different way. I don't get the point in marketing or salesman of plastic mugs subscribing to .NET Blogs where only programming is being discussed unless his intention is to learn about what .NET, know it's capabilities, learn how to program and apply it somewhere in reality. Can my readers think of any other positive reasons, please let me know I need to know this! What is the fun in having that feeling of achievement from all that information you have aggregated in your mind if you are not going to use it anytime in your lifetime or you are not doing anything that can utilise that information filled in your mind ?

So tell me my friends, do you think you are information addicts?

Posted at 02:20 pm by Tejas Patel
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How evil is your website or blog

I got linked to "The Gemetriculator" website by Jeff Key.Thanks Jeff for pointing it to me. Well kind of new and interesting philosophy to me so I read more. To find out more about 'What is Gemetriculator' click here Because I had to first check it, I checked my own blog and it came out to be 32% evil and 68 % Good, so I continued on because I thought it was funny to see how evil other websites are.

Below are my tests on some of the most famous sites and blogs. --> 33% evil, 67% good (now don't ever tell that Microsoft is evil you guys) --> 32% evil, 68% good --> 36% evil, 64% good --> 31% evil, 69 % good (wow) --> 26% evil, 74 % good

Ofcourse I had to check your's Robert so --> 30% evil, 70% good

And another of my favourite blogger Chris Pratley --> 41% evil, 59 % good

As can be seen from my small test, Anil Dash tops the test with all the goodness and Robert stands at the second position.

Well I am not that far behind..

Posted at 11:33 am by Tejas Patel
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'University Masters or Premium Industry Certifications'? Why not both!!

So far this IT Masters was only available to people residing in Australia, but now it is open to people in USA and New Zealand too. IT is a Masters program where people get their Premium Microsoft of Cisco certifications like MCSE, MCSD or CCNP along with some other certifications like Check Point. With this Masters program, half of the subjects are the vendor certification subjects and the other half are traditional University subjects and this course if offered at Charles Stuart University and is offered as a distance education course.

I think this is a great opportunity for people who want to learn the latest technology, earn their Masters degree and also get the premium certifications. This is also endorsed by Microsoft Australia and more information on this course can be found from IT Masters Website.

Posted at 09:01 am by Tejas Patel
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
My ignorance

In my last entry I had wrote about Knoppix and how I wanted to make Microsoft a similar thing, but I was in ignorance. Although having heard of Windows PE and Bart PE , I never actually looked at what it was or what it did. But as I was thinking about Knoppix today in the afternoon, I just thought of putting a search on Google and this is what I found. Looks like Bart's PE is giving GUI interface as Microsoft PE gives a command prompt to start with. Although have not looked into details of both the products, one thing I read was Microsoft PE is not available to public. Well I am glad now I know that there is something available even for Microsoft OS and I discovered something new today.

Posted at 12:02 am by Tejas Patel
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Saturday, February 21, 2004
On the fly OS from Microsoft?

Hey all Microsoft developers, I am wondering if you can come up with some development like Knoppix, so I just don't have to worry about anything except putting the CD and booting the system, this can be used for many good reasons and also for educational purposes in a class room environment. Won't this be a good idea.

I hope someday you guys listen to my requests :)

Posted at 01:26 pm by Tejas Patel
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I am enjoying using Knoppix 3.3

Learning Linux is something that I allways wanted to do but than we so many things and work around , sparing the time is allways a problem for me.But I knew I had to start somewhere. Having heard of Linux on a CD for a while now, I asked some of the experts of linux that I know and they told me that if getting familiar with the linux desktop was on my priority list and if I wanted something that I could carry everywhere and start up anywhere, than I should go for Linux on a CD, and again I asked them that to use and they told me to look at Knoppix which is in version 3.3 now.Knoppix. Before my option was to load Red Hat 9.0 on my VMware machine and then burn it on a CD, but that would mean atleast 1 CD of the image, and then I should have VMware installed on all the machines that I wanted to play with and what about the licenses for those machines!!, so I thought I will try Knoppix, becuase what I just have to do is download the image, burn it on to a CD, and walla, just reboot the system and the Linux version is up and running and that also in a GUI mode, what more can I ask for. After burning the CD, I tried it on all of my machines and also on VMware and it works well, except for when on VMWare I was trying to check a game and the mouse disappeared, but what the hack, I can browse the internet and create documents and that is what I want to get done when I am moving places. Man I am impressed with all these things. I am just breifing myself on some of the tools that are available and looks like I was missing something when I was using my favourite Microsoft OS's.Everything is inbuilt and more can be added.

I will now try to look around for an RSS reader for linux and also ask someone on how to install it on a debian system so I can browse the blogs from my Knoppix 'on the fly OS'.

Posted at 01:05 pm by Tejas Patel
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Friday, February 20, 2004
First there were cookies and now we have 'web beacons'

Just read briefly on Yahoo privacy page abotu 'Web Beacons' which is something separate from cookies and they are "single-pixel GIF" and it has following information on what 'Web Beacons' do Out of Yahoo Network Outside the Yahoo! Network

Yahoo! uses web beacons to conduct research on behalf of certain partners on their web sites and also for auditing purposes.
Information recorded through these web beacons is used to report aggregate information about Yahoo! users to our partners. This aggregate information may include demographic and usage information. No personally identifiable information about you is shared with partners from this research.

But fortunately they have a opt-out feature on the same page, but does this mean I have to go to this page everytime I am on a different computer so Yahoo does not track what websites I am visiting??

Will have to find more about this.

Posted at 09:40 am by Tejas Patel
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