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Friday, February 20, 2004
ASP.NET resource kit

After waiting for two days, I thought I will download the resource Kit today which can be found at Microsoft website. Happy downloading.

Posted at 09:08 am by Tejas Patel
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Newsgroups, Blogs, and Magazines

Scott Allen is discussing about Newsgroup, blogs and magazines and what he thinks about it and in his view if he had to ditch something, he will ditch newsgroups for the reasons that are listed on his blog but if I had to select I would select magazines and below are my reasons (my personal reasons)
  • I don't get anything new in magazines now a days, either technical or non technical as all the news is published on blogs and websites before it's published in magazines
  • Newsgroups and blogs are searchable but magazines unless they all are in digital format are not searchable
  • I don't have to deal with 40% of advertisements on newsgroups and blogs as I have to deal with magazines which means I am paying for looking at ads
  • I cannot buy all the magazines as they are damn expensive to start with whereas blogs and most newsgroups are just free of cost
  • Sometimes articles in magazines look older with the changing technology whereas newsgroups and blogs are updated on a minute basis
  • on the lighter side, I can access newsgroups and blogs from anywhere which is not the case for magazines
  • And I think I will list quite a few more reasons but think the reasons above are good enough for me to ditch the magazines for a start.

  • Posted at 09:04 am by Tejas Patel
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    Thursday, February 19, 2004
    Kevin Hammond links me to Web Services Dynamic Discovery

    Kevin links me to Web Services Dynamic Discovery article on MSDN, it is a new multicast descovery protocol to locate services on a network.

    Posted at 10:10 am by Tejas Patel
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    Omar Shahine's tells us that the software is 'Expensive'

    I quite agree with Omar's view, people who can source all these softwares (offcourse for evaluation purpose only:) ) from public and private pubs find it difficult to justify and absorb the cost of all these highly productive tools just because they can get if for free using some of their or their Company's bandwidth. Such people won't realise the value of softwares until they don't pay their hard earned money on it. As per my opinion these are the people who complain the most about features and bugs in a software and then they say that 'xxx software is crap', ''yyy OS is full of bugs" as they are more involved in finding the problems in the software instead of getting their act into gear and be more productive using the software. People don't get this option when we talk of hardware resources as it is tangible and they cannot real download it off the Internet ( I wish I could do that though just for a change ) and thus they would try to get most out of their hardware resources until it burns out.

    I think we should get some data about the no. of Windows XP licenses that are bought in total and compare it to the number of users that use Windows XP OS on the Internet and see how expensive good Softwares are and how many people do use good software!!!

    Posted at 09:43 am by Tejas Patel
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    Internet Users will get better search engines with the increasing competition

    Just read the news about Yahoo having disconnected taking services from Google search engines and also that MSN is expanding it's borders too, now this will be fun to watch with what new features and services all these three companies come up with to have their dominion on the search engine market. I can see Google being a bit worried as for MSN and Yahoo they have other products and services to give than being a search engine, but it is Google has very less services to give out in comparison.

    Posted at 08:14 am by Tejas Patel
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    Wednesday, February 18, 2004
    New Windows OS version :)

    Well I never believed what I have heard before actually seeing it with my eyes. A new OS is being relaunched with a name called "Windows -Really Good Edition (RG)". It is free of cost and can be found online at this place. I am thinking of becoming a reseller myself.

    Posted at 02:50 pm by Tejas Patel
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    SPOT watches from Microsoft

    After having heard so much about SPOT watches from Microsoft, I just wanted to just a peak at it and so my search started over it and there goes Google and then it lands on MSN Direct website and then I landed up on this cool advertisement herehere , nicely done and was feeling good after looking at an advertisements compared to some of the crappy (oops, I should have typed that many) ads on Australian TV. Looking at the watch I think I will wait till it enters the Australian market (has it been launched here allready ?, don't know) and see if they can come up with a better model and some extra added features than what it is allready offering. Looking at the models on the web, I am put off by the straps. The worst watch model wife for me was the "Suunto" model and for me the best model was "
    Abacus Wrist Net Round"

    Pasted from . I think another business venture from Microsoft, now even the FM radio waves will shout "MSN", "Microsoft" in their header files :), although will admit that it's definitely effective and not sure whether they are out there, but will see soon PDA's with a similar capabilities and services offered for it.

    This blog was created using Microsoft OneNote 2003.

    Posted at 01:18 pm by Tejas Patel
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    Just tried Active Words

    I read about Active Words and about it's Demo at DEMO 2004. I went to the website and saw the bold words "Take Control - Move Faster - Get More Done" , initially I laughed at it and then I thought of giving it a try as I allways do, I installed the 60 days time bombed version of 'ActiveWords Plus! 1.9' and will have to admit, it was really easy to manage and I was most impressed with it's 'Script' adding feature and also with it's report on total productivity with the use of tool. The other features were of executing programs and links just typing few words (defined by you ofcourse) on the keyboard and then merely pressing F8 and walla now the software is open, the benefits of this can be as to we don't have to scroll through the whole software list in the Programs menu and look for some programs on the desktop.

    One great feature that many people would like is the one where you can subsitute word in a document, this can be useful for many people (just use your imagination) but mainly for people who use the same documents again and again and have to keep on changing the details to match a client or contract or whatever. Well looking forward to see some more features in the upcoming versions and hopefully buying it too.

    Posted at 01:17 pm by Tejas Patel
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    Tuesday, February 17, 2004
    Mark Jones explain talks on value of Blog

    Having finished my post before and linking to Robert Scoble on his article on "Corporate Blogging" I got an email in the office which had a article from Mark Jones titled "Realising the blog value". I am filling everybody in my office about what blogs are and what can be benefits of it and how it can doing the marketing and spreading the word about the products.
    Surprisingly enough, the Blog has an example of Robert Scoble. Robert you are everywhere.
    Well even this entry proves that Blogs do have value, he article was just posted today from Mark at 15:19 P.M. and the word is out in the market at 16:05 by the time I post this.

    Posted at 03:04 pm by Tejas Patel
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    Robert Scoble writes about a Good blog and Corporate blogging

    Blogging is on Robert's mind even at 35,000 Feet:), what do you take to be keep yourself away from your Blogs.. He has written an excellent article on Corporate Blogging and what things one should be taking care of before he posts an article on his weblog, how the blogs can affect the corporate image and other related things. I found it really interesting and gave me a good insight about the things that should be taken care while blogging.

    I wanted to put a short version of that article here, but than I thought it will kill the whole charm of his excellent article. I really agree when Robert comments in the article. I think to be alive in blogging world, you have to be interested in blogging. I give a nice demo of blogs to my friends and explain them what blogging is in brief, some are fascinated by the opportunities that webbloging can provide, some are fascinated by how many people you can meet who are interested in the same discussions as you might be and vice versa and some people just think that it's "crap" and waste of time, may be I could not convince them enough but they still have the attitude of merging blogs and forums together, they still see blogs as a place where one can go for finding some interesting code and to find some new features in a software or some news which are not officially out in the market yet. I think I will leave them alone in the blog world and see if they can figure out the difference.

    I have this urge of knowing and learning new things all the time and I have to admit that since I installed RSS aggregator and got hooked to all these blogs, I have learned and found more things than I did it by going to all the news websites individually. Also noticed that even from marketing point of view and agree with Robert again that mouth of word is still taking a dominion and it affects the decision of a person on what he wants to buy. I read about few products on the blogs and the reviews that the blog writers have written about the product and based on the reviews people actually do make a decision whether to use the blog or not which would not have been easily possible even doing some ads on CNET or some mailing list.

    Having said all these I think one has to be careful on what he puts on his blog which might be related to the Company he works for because a single entry can make a lot of difference positively or negatively and with RSS news aggregator it does not take long before the word gets out. I would like to know from some Blog Guru's as to what they see as the future of blogs individually and as a corporate tool.

    Posted at 12:47 pm by Tejas Patel
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