Entry: First there were cookies and now we have 'web beacons' Friday, February 20, 2004

Just read briefly on Yahoo privacy page abotu 'Web Beacons' which is something separate from cookies and they are "single-pixel GIF" and it has following information on what 'Web Beacons' do Out of Yahoo Network Outside the Yahoo! Network

Yahoo! uses web beacons to conduct research on behalf of certain partners on their web sites and also for auditing purposes.
Information recorded through these web beacons is used to report aggregate information about Yahoo! users to our partners. This aggregate information may include demographic and usage information. No personally identifiable information about you is shared with partners from this research.

But fortunately they have a opt-out feature on the same page, but does this mean I have to go to this page everytime I am on a different computer so Yahoo does not track what websites I am visiting??

Will have to find more about this.


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