Entry: I am enjoying using Knoppix 3.3 Saturday, February 21, 2004

Learning Linux is something that I allways wanted to do but than we so many things and work around , sparing the time is allways a problem for me.But I knew I had to start somewhere. Having heard of Linux on a CD for a while now, I asked some of the experts of linux that I know and they told me that if getting familiar with the linux desktop was on my priority list and if I wanted something that I could carry everywhere and start up anywhere, than I should go for Linux on a CD, and again I asked them that to use and they told me to look at Knoppix which is in version 3.3 now.Knoppix. Before my option was to load Red Hat 9.0 on my VMware machine and then burn it on a CD, but that would mean atleast 1 CD of the image, and then I should have VMware installed on all the machines that I wanted to play with and what about the licenses for those machines!!, so I thought I will try Knoppix, becuase what I just have to do is download the image, burn it on to a CD, and walla, just reboot the system and the Linux version is up and running and that also in a GUI mode, what more can I ask for. After burning the CD, I tried it on all of my machines and also on VMware and it works well, except for when on VMWare I was trying to check a game and the mouse disappeared, but what the hack, I can browse the internet and create documents and that is what I want to get done when I am moving places. Man I am impressed with all these things. I am just breifing myself on some of the tools that are available and looks like I was missing something when I was using my favourite Microsoft OS's.Everything is inbuilt and more can be added.

I will now try to look around for an RSS reader for linux and also ask someone on how to install it on a debian system so I can browse the blogs from my Knoppix 'on the fly OS'.


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