Entry: On the fly OS from Microsoft? Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hey all Microsoft developers, I am wondering if you can come up with some development like Knoppix, so I just don't have to worry about anything except putting the CD and booting the system, this can be used for many good reasons and also for educational purposes in a class room environment. Won't this be a good idea.

I hope someday you guys listen to my requests :)


Tejas Patel
February 22, 2004   05:24 PM PST
Ooch, my friends were reading this entry as well as blog on Robert Scoble's Blog and they said, Windows OS CD are bootable or they can be made bootable, but this is what I did not mean. What I meant was a Bootable OS CD like Knoppix or Mandrakeonthe move where you can run all the applications from the CD too without the need to install any OS on your system or having a hard disk:)

Sorry if I confused you for a sec.

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