Entry: Are u an Information addict? If yes, than why? Monday, February 23, 2004

Addictions, the meaning of which is "The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something" in Webster's dictionary. Just yesterday I read somewhere that Anil Dash has the addiction of blog, my friends have an addiction of drinking tea daily (otherwise they get headache as per them). I don't think any addiction can be too good if not completely bad. The latest addiction that I can see catching on is the addiction to information.

I was an information addict (and am still an information addict to a degree). Information addicts are everywhere on the Internet and now more bloggers are becoming information addicts. I am seeing that people has started a weird competition on who reads more blogs and keeps themselves up to date with the information flow moving around the Internet irrespective of whether the things they read is relevant to what they are doing or not? They think that they are gathering knowledge, but that information from all the blogs they read is never gets to the point where it can be considered as information to that person. Than at this stage people complain that they have 'information overload' what else can you expect!!

People spend hours and days surfing the forums, blogs and websites, reading all the possible content and what do they gain at the end of the day? What have they achieved? Where do they apply all those information? In my humble view collecting information or aggregating information is good if you know that you can utilise that information somewhere in some form, if that information can be used to increase the productivity, if that information gathering helps the individual to elevate himself in his career but not worth the time and effort otherwise.

Everybody perceives information in a different way. I don't get the point in marketing or salesman of plastic mugs subscribing to .NET Blogs where only programming is being discussed unless his intention is to learn about what .NET, know it's capabilities, learn how to program and apply it somewhere in reality. Can my readers think of any other positive reasons, please let me know I need to know this! What is the fun in having that feeling of achievement from all that information you have aggregated in your mind if you are not going to use it anytime in your lifetime or you are not doing anything that can utilise that information filled in your mind ?

So tell me my friends, do you think you are information addicts?


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