Entry: Create Disposable Email Thursday, February 26, 2004

Disposable glass, disposable lenses, disposable dippers and now disposable Email addresses. This is good I think, email addresses for a short time use only and of course using this one does not have to deal with the junk mail. This disposable email address letís your email message to be diverted onto your real email address for the period that you might have specified. I really like this.

My main concerns are what do they do with our real email addresses? Could not find much information on their website.


finery dissertation and thesis
July 18, 2016   11:52 PM PDT
I hope this service will be in need for many people. Because it is really important sometimes to create such disposable e-mail address.
February 27, 2004   03:49 PM PST
I use mailinator a lot for all those sites that require registration to read something etc...

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