Entry: Just create my First WinPE Microsoft Windows 2003 bootable CD Friday, February 27, 2004

After being fascinated by Knoppix and it's capabilities I wanted to try something similar on Microsoft products too (after all I cannot see Microsoft products lacking behind ) and I started to have a look around. I found Bart's PE Builder and started my study on it. Pretty easy to deal with , the plugin support really helps and you can add your own plugins which I liked the most. One can have network support, access the network, virus scan, fix problems and other important features which can be found from their website. The application is pretty small and creates a ISO file which can be burned on a CD or DVD and then one can boot up the system with it and start using it. This CD/DVD can be quite useful as rescue disk and now there is no need for DOS boot disks. Support Win. XP and Windows 2003 for creating PE.

Having said all this, I now have the concerns about Security of Network? Now will I have to lock CD/DVD ROM in my office for security purpose ?


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