Entry: Finally installed Microsoft Longhorn Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well I had to do this to get into Longhorn mode! I was hearning all these stories about Longhorn and all the new features and the services and almost half of the new Microsoft related blogs were Longhorn! So I finally started the installation, started on my Favourite VMware just to find out that it get's stuck when it starts detecting hardware devices on the computer, I waited for 2 hours and still stuck at the same screen, I thought something might be wrong with this, so I tired Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and found the same problem, so searched Microsoft Newsgroups just to find that this was common and 212 MB of RAM was less for Longhorn( Oooff), then I increased the RAM to 549 and after 4 hours of Hard work, it's finally installed but now it only works in 4 bit mode ( now I have to find a fix for this too), it is terribly slow !!

On the outer part it looks very much similar to XP with few tweaks. Oh and I forgot, I also had a hard time giving Virtual PC 2004 Alt+Ctrl+Del command ( I did Right Alt+ Del), it just was'nt working for me. Will do my more research sometime later and check out the new features and new services in Longhorn. Till then Namaskar :)


Tejas Patel
March 1, 2004   06:45 PM PST
Yes Anand, that is what I am hoping for, that it will work out better, let me know any more tips that you might allready have.
March 1, 2004   03:20 PM PST
I think there are a lot posts on LH being too slow on VPC. I installed it in a seperate partition to make sure it is workable. Even with a 256MB video card(an 512 MB of RAM) it still takes 3+ min to boot up. But then the going is much better.

Once you start using it, you start noticing all that spicing they have done to the UI and how cool it is..:-)

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